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Health Office

A nurse is assigned to Patrick Henry Middle School.  Students must have a written pass from their teacher to visit the health office.

LAUSD Coronavirus Updates and Resources

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Make sure emergency cards are updated and current.

Screenings: Vision and hearing will be screened in October for all 8th graders.  Scoliosis screening for 7th grade girls and 8th grade boys will be in the spring.

Communicable Diseases: Head lice, chicken pox, conjunctivitis, and strep throat are frequent diagnosis requiring written clearance by a physician or school nurse for re-admittance following exclusion from school.  Chicken pox requires exclusion for at least seven (7) days after onset of rash, and scabs must be dry before the student may return.

Medication: Efforts should be made to administer all medications at home, whenever possible.  ALL MEDICATIONS require a form to be completed by a physician and signed by a parent. The information required includes the name of the medication, dosage, delivery, time, purpose, and date of prescription.  All medication must be in the original labeled bottle.  Forms are available in the health office and are good for the current school year only.  Medication, such as an inhaler for asthma, may be student-administered, if the completed documentation is on file with the nurse.

Orthopedic: The use of crutches at school requires a written medical excuse signed by a physician.  For safety purposes, students may not use the stairs with crutches.

Insurance Coverage

Since LAUSD does not provide accident/medical insurance for school related injuries, it does make available a low cost insurance plan to help parents in the event a student has an accident.  Parents are reminded there is no school or district insurance coverage for the loss/theft of personal items, bicycles, clothing, textbooks, etc.

Tdap Immunization - Attention all 6th Grade Students

The California Health and Safety Code Section, Division 105, Part 2, Chapter 1, Sections 120325-120380 and the California Code of Regulations, Title 17, Division 1, Chapter 4, Subchapter 8, Sections 6000-6075 requires that your child received the Tdap immunization in order to remain enrolled in school.  The purpose of this law is to protect all students against serious childhood diseases.

Immunizations may be given by a private physician or are available without cost from the Los Angeles County Department of Health Serves.  For more information, please call 1-800-427-8700 for the location of free immunization clinics.

You must present written evidence from your physician or clinic that your child has received the necessary immunization by the beginning of your child’s 7th grade year.