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Clubs and Enrichment

Fall 2023 Enrichment Classes

American Sign Language (ASL)   Ms. C. Rivera

Want to pick up a new and exciting language?  Let’s learner American Sign Language together!


Analyzing Ancient Civilizations    Mr. Flores

Students will be immersed in the theories of how ancient civilizations were able to create/build things that even now, with our technology cannot be replicated.


Art Lab   Ms. Kiner

Are you an artist who wants more time to make art? Join Art Lab to have 4 extra hours a week to work on your art! We provide the materials and the space, you bring your creativity! This course includes weekly drawing tutorials, inspiring new styles of art, and feedback from your teacher and classmates.


Arts & Crafts   Ms. Turnquest

In this class, we will watch step by step videos for how to make amazing drawings, pop-up cards, and special holiday gifts to give to friends and family. 


Board Games Ms. Herrera

Do like playing Connect Four? Monopoly? Jenga? Or Uno?  Make some new friends in a relaxed environment by playing some fun games! 


Book Club   Ms. Saini 6th/7th grade & Ms. Bieber 8th grade

"Today a reader, tomorrow a leader." 

Looking for a space where you can read a good book and make friends? Join the Book Club! Students will be able to read and participate in lively discussions about characters, plots, predictions and lots more! 


Brain Games   Mr. Santana

An interactive class that will challenge students to exercise their brain by solving puzzles, riddles and playing games that stimulate mental activity.


Card Games   Mr. Gardner

Come learn the strategy of card games. We will be learning games such as Hand and Foot, Nertz, 31, Gin Rummy, and many more.


Cartooning   Mr. Jenkins

Learn to draw some of your favorite cartoon and comic book characters.  You’ll also learn the basics of character design, shading, lighting perspectives & color selection.


Chess & Brains: Master Class   Mr. Dahl

Are you a chess genius? Or want to be one? Maybe you want to learn how to play to impress your family and friends? Then this I&E is for you! You will learn special moves like the sneaky Giraffe Attack, the creepy Frankenstein-Dracula Variation, and even the forbidden and shocking, yet intriguing, Fried Liver Attack! While you rest and wipe the sweat from your brow between matches, you can work on your assignments for your core classes. Why? Because even geniuses and chess masters must earn their good grades! Disclaimer: Mr. Dahl is not responsible for unintended or irreversible consequences such as bigger brains or better grades.


Classic Movies   Mr. Snyder

Learn about and watch the great classic movies that paved the way for today's modern films. If you love thinking about, talking about, and watching movies, this is the class for you!


Coding with Scratch   Mr. Herrera

Students will learn to code basic interactive stories, animations, and games. In the process, they will learn to think creatively, reason systematically and work collaboratively.  


Cool History of Sports     Mr. Neal

Who is the GOAT in each sport?  Come discuss and debate as we look back at some of history’s greatest sports figures.  Is Messi better than Ronaldo?  Is it Kobe or MJ?  Come voice your opinion as we research the greats of all time in multiple sports.


Creative Writing    Ms. Llamas

Welcome to Creative Writing! Creative Writing is a course that explores different genres of writing, through both reading and writing, as well as the other necessary elements needed to improve writing and composition skills. This course is designed with the goal of inspiring students to develop original pieces and ideas.


Digital Arts and Google Tools   Ms. Sorensen

Learn to create art using Google Draw and Google Slides.


Eighth Grade Council   Mr. Nowotarski (8th Grade Only)

The 8th Grade Council is a student-led group made up of 2 students from each of the 8th grade homerooms responsible for planning and promoting all 8th grade-related activities for the year, including class spirit events and competitions, socials and dances, and special events like the 8th grade end of the year party and Culmination. All interested students will need to complete an application and submit it to Mr. Nowotarski in Room 37 before the I/E submission deadline.


Fashion Design Part 1   Mrs. Chavez (Students cannot retake this class)

Welcome to the world of Fashion Design! In this course you will learn what it takes to be a fashion designer and illustrator from someone who worked in the fashion industry for many years. From studying famous designers who made an impact in fashion history to learning techniques to design clothes, shoes, accessories, fabric prints, and models. By the end of this course, you will have developed a portfolio of your own designs to show your friends and family.


Fantastic Coding with Minecraft Education Edition Platform  

Mr. Llamas

Does Coding interest you? would you like to learn more about coding? using Minecraft education edition platform, you will explore using "Code Builder" and use basic programming language like "java" and "python" used by professional game developers.


Fitness Center    Ms. Raia

Students do you like to work out? Do you want to improve your cardio? Do you want to improve your muscular strength and endurance? If you said yes to all of the above, sign up for Fitness Center!


General Art    Ms. Topete

Come and enjoy a General Art Monday Day, learn line and graph art, yarn art and much more!!


History of Video Games   Mr. Carr

Video games have become one of the largest parts of our culture. They are fantastic ways to express creativity and culture. In this course, we will look at the history of video games and how they have developed over time. Come and join this class as we explore some of the most influential video games and video game systems throughout history and how they have impacted the industry. and culture as a whole.


Horticulture   Ms. Arizmendi De Haddad

Do you like taking care of plants? If you answer yes, then join us in the garden. In this class you will learn about gardening through hands-on learning activities in the edible teaching school garden.


Indoor Soccer     Mrs. MacDonald

7th & 8th grade only. Are you ready for some fun high-skilled competition? We will play "indoor futsal" in the gym. New teams will be formed every few weeks.


Karaoke Time!!  Mr. Nakakihara

Monday funday can begin with Karaoke time. We can begin singing your favorite songs. If you continue, you can try writing song lyrics and even rapping to your favorite beats. Let’s use music to show your creativity. 


Knitting Fun   Ms. Blue

Do your friends think you are an elderly person in a middle schooler's body? Do adults tell you that you're an "old soul"? If so, the knitting club might be the place for you! Learn to knit a hat or scarf. Or you can bring your knitting expertise to the group


Leadership   Ms. Jenkins

Are you a leader? Then, we need YOU! In Leadership, we plan and assist with fun events and activities, such as dances, Homeroom competitions, and monthly contests.  We visit classrooms weekly for announcements. We create and distribute event posters and notifications throughout the school. We participate in ALL events, which can be during nutrition or lunch at times. We make morning announcements on the PA. AND…any new, creative ideas YOU can think of!


Mandala Coloring for Relaxation  Ms. Salazar

Color your way to relaxation and inner peace with mandala coloring. Coloring inspires mindfulness and reduces stress as it is both soothing and creatively stimulating. Transport yourself away from everyday worries and achieve a peaceful state of mind through the act of coloring while listening to meditative music.


Math Games and Puzzles   Ms. Segal & Mr. Rodriguez

Do you want to play games using math?  Did you know that card games are math based?  Come join in on the fun!!


Meditation   Ms. Yeck

Meditation is a transformative practice that offers numerous physical, mental, and emotional benefits. In a meditation class, you’ll learn how to cultivate mindfulness, reduce stress, improve focus, and enhance overall well-being. Through guided techniques, you’ll gain the skills to calm your mind, manage anxiety, and develop a greater sense of inner peace. Taking a meditation class provides a structured and supportive environment to harness these life-changing abilities, ultimately leading to a more balanced and fulfilling life. Whether you’re seeking stress relief, personal growth, or simply a break from the chaos of daily life, meditation can be your path to greater clarity and contentment. Join a meditation class today to embark on a journey of self-discovery and holistic wellness.


Music 101   Ms. K. Rivera

Interested in learning how to read music and play the recorder? Music 101 will cover the basics to learning how to read music, read rhythm, play the recorder and so much more. Who knows you may discover you have a hidden talent for music!


Optical Illusion Art    Ms. Shane

Do you like to draw, color and shade?  Learn how to create images that trick your mind into seeing something different from what is actually on the page.


Origami & Board Games  Ms. Oh

Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper into shapes representing objects. Board games are a great way to relax and have fun.  Come join us!


Pencil Drawing with Harry Potter    Ms. Davis

Do you want to do pencil drawing and listening to Harry Potter at the same time? If so, please sign up for Mrs. Davis's drawing class with Harry Potter.


Pets and Paws-ative Training   Ms. Campbell

If you’re interested in dogs or dolphins, this might be the class for you.  Horses, cats or rabbits more your style? We’ve got you covered, too.  You will research how to care for your favorite species to keep them healthy and happy.  We’ll also learn about science-based training techniques that experts use.


Percussion Ensemble   Mr. Sumner

Want to learn to play drums or be a part of the PHMS Drumline? Join the percussion Ensemble! In this enrichment class, you will get the chance to play a variety of percussion instruments including the drums, mallets, buckets, marching drums, and more! You will learn how to read rhythms and music and may even perform. Join today and start or continue your musical journey.


Photoshop Cartoon Animation     Mr. Abraham

Sign up for Mr. Abraham’s Room 9 cartoon animation class via Photoshop and learn simple techniques to animate characters that you draw. 


Poetry Fun for Learning   Ms. Tarakhchyan

Mrs. Tarakhchyan's Enrichment class will use Online programs and focus on Poetry to strengthen student understanding and experience! 


Rockin’ Rubik’s Cubes  Ms. Woods

Come learn how to solve a Rubik’s Cube faster than your friends!


Stage Crew Ms. Williams-Kohlmeyer

Stage Crew Members are a part of making any and all performance events in the auditorium happen! Learn about what goes on behind the scenes/curtain and make friends! The stage Crew works behind the scenes at every production, all stage crew personnel will be controlling the lights, the curtain, and microphones and be in charge of stage props and stage design.


Sudoku    Ms. Yoshino

What is Sudoku?  'Su' in Japanese means numbers while 'Doku' means single.  Sudoku means single numbers.  Therefore, in the Sudoku game, we have to fill in numbers without repetition.  Sudoku is a game of logic and reasoning.  Come challenge yourself to solve puzzles ranging from beginner to advanced.


Track & Field    Mr. McDaniel

Develop coordination, strength, endurance, and agility through active participation of track and field activities.  Option to join the PHMS Bullets as you compete against other schools!.


Volleyball   Ms. Sveiven

For this enrichment class students will get to work on volleyball skills, play games, and watch games! We will also learn about local club opportunities and explore different high school teams. We will also get to meet a few local coaches who will teach you what it takes to be successful in this sport! 


Ukulele Time!!!   Mr. Bascara

Students Must NOT have any U’s in Cooperation to be eligible to join this class!

Do you want to learn to play the Ukulele?  Come join this class…A PHMS tradition makes its triumphant return to the I&E line up!  Come be a part of the fun!!