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Humanitas Academy for Social Awareness (HASA)

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Humanitas Academy for Social Awareness provides a comprehensive 6th - 8th grade program designed to engage students in interdisciplinary units of study in humanities and social awareness.  Students will access curriculum that is standards-focused and interlaces content through the core classes. Our focus is to cultivate 21st century citizens who engage in local, national and global efforts to sustain and improve humanity while acquiring 21st century skills including critical thinking, analysis, independent learning, collaboration, creativity, problem solving, leadership, civic literacy, technological literacy, and innovation.

The core curriculum is outlined in the California Content Standards. HASA teachers will collaborate in horizontal, grade-level teams to develop standards-based interdisciplinary and integrated curricular themes. Teachers will also collaborate in vertical, subject-alike teams to create a coherent approach to skill building. All selected texts are based on their ability to give students access to a rigorous curriculum, engage students in higher-order thinking, and build content mastery over time. The core curriculum will be supplemented with primary-source documents, simulations and debates, readings, scientific field investigations, and other activities that focus on engaging students in deep levels of inquiry.